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Why Re-Imagine Landscape? 

Why Should You Hire Re-Imagine Landscape, LLC?

Figuring out optimal lighting indoors is already difficult between trying to figure out placement, bulb type, and ambiance. Figuring out outdoor lighting is even more difficult. Not only do you have to consider those things, but you may also need to have electrical work done to make outdoor lighting possible in the first place! In addition, you’ll need to consider whether- and animal-proofing, security measures, and how your lights may affect your family and the families around you. The electrical work alone is enough to justify consulting a professional. 


1. Knowledge of the Materials Being Used

The team at Re-Imagine Landscape can help you find the best fixtures for your outdoor lighting needs. We have access to the highest-quality fixtures which can last for years to come. we can also help you install the right types of light in the right areas. 

For example, we can work with you to decide on the placement and style of path lighting, poolside lighting, well-lighting for retaining walls and water walls, and uplighting for trees, benches, and outdoor kitchen areas. 

Each of these different types of lighting (and more besides) has its own considerations for cost, placement, and optimal benefits. With an expert by your side, you can be sure that you’re using the best materials and design for the job. 

2. Smart Use of Your Funds

While taking on DIY projects can be fun and rewarding, your outdoor lighting shouldn’t be one of them. Improperly installed outdoor lighting can lead to a plethora of problems. For example, the lights could fail due to improper installation of weather guards, or the wires could be improperly installed, leading to increased electrocution and fire risks. Even the smallest mistake has costly consequences, and more egregious mistakes could put you and your family in danger. 

Even if you feel confident with the technical aspects of installing lighting, the design is another important consideration. Poor design could result in areas of your landscape not getting the proper lighting, forcing you to install more lights or redo the whole design—both costs that could have been avoided if the design was properly vetted before installation. Re-Imagine Landscape can help you do it the right way the first time, ensuring a smart use of your funds by minimizing the need for repairs and replacements. 


3. Remove the Stress From the Installation Process

Outdoor lighting installation involves extensive wiring, electricity, and heavy equipment; it is not an easy task. It is tempting to save money and time whenever possible, but it’s also important to remember that an inexperienced hand can create more issues for your outdoor lighting and cause you a bigger headache in the long run. Specifically, consulting someone lacking in experience can lead to the premature failure of lights, higher electrocution risks, and higher fire risks. In short, it leads to a higher chance of paying for costly repairs and replacements to fix mistakes or even paying for medical care caused by unsafe installation.

When outdoor lighting is implemented well, you can greatly improve the safety, ambiance, and general enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. However, if implemented poorly, you can greatly increase the risk of costly outcomes in terms of both money and safety. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional lighting company to minimize your potential risks and maximize the benefits of your investment. 

Contact Re-Imagine Landscape today to brighten your nights!

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