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"Back in late 2017, my dad presented me with the opportunity to start my own landscape business. 

Paul (his boss) had asked him if he knew anyone that he could recommend whenever his clients asked if he could knew someone that could cut their grass (Paul's company does not provide residential lawn maintenance).

My dad recommended me when he asked.

Paul asked him what I had in terms of equipment or experience, and my dad responded, "nothing".

To which Paul responded, "Okay, we'll give him a truck, trailer, equipment, and some lawn clients to get him started."

That's how and why Re-Imagine got started, my dad told me he was speaking to Paul about how this would be almost like throwing a kid in the water and watching him learn how to swim because I really had no experience.​

At that point, the only thing I knew how to do was cut grass, trim shrubs and Install mulch.

It's pretty cool to see how far this idea has come, today we do almost everything relating to landscaping like paver Installation, major land grading, complete property planting design, walls, and deck Installation.

I'm super grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and looking forward to making these guys proud of what they started."

- Jose Alexis Barahona

President // Owner

Re-Imagine Landscape, LLC

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