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General Property Maintenance


A well-maintained landscape can take a lot of hard work. You might think that a few lawnmower passes are all that you need for a great-looking space. However, with a landscaping company, you can forget about the hard work and leave it to the professionals. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional landscaper for your home or business.

Professional Landscaping Is Important

Many Americans choose to hire a professional company to handle their landscaping needs. Landscaping can be hard work for anyone. You need to mow the grass, water the flowers, and prune the trees. With a professional crew, you can avoid all of these hassles. Professional landscaping services can also give an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor spaces. In addition to that, you can also benefit in other ways from a professional company.

Services Offered Under General Maintenance:

Mulch Installation  --  Shrub // Hedge Trimming  --  Shrub Removal  --  Spring & Fall Cleanups

Weekly Lawn Maintenance


A thick, healthy lawn can make outdoor time spent with family and friends even more enjoyable, but a well-maintained lawn has other benefits as well. As part of an attractive landscape, a beautiful lawn contributes to an increase of up to 17 percent in perceived property value. A healthy lawn also delivers environmental benefits, from oxygen production to improved water quality.


Why hire a professional?

  • Time savings. With a service, someone else does the work. That means extra free time for you.

  • Consistent schedule. With many lawn services, you'll get consistent weekly service — same day, same time — Weather permitting.

  • Professional-grade lawn care products. Lawn professionals have access to premium pro-line products at trade-only pricing.

  • Equipment provided. Lawn care services provide the equipment and fuel, along with repairs and maintenance.

  • Skills and experience. Qualified lawn pros offer the benefit of focused training and industry expertise

A professional Landscape Firm

Besides being able to provide your property with weekly maintenance, Re-Imagine Landscape has the capability to provide you with a wide range of other outdoor services.

This is beneficial because you would not need to look around for another company whenever you have any issues with water pooling, grading, want to install pavers, or need to remove shrubs and install something new.

A lot of "lawn guys" only provide grass-cutting services but do not provide anything else. We differ from the competition because besides providing reliable and consistent lawn maintenance services we can also do major landscape installations.

Lawn cutting service areas


Berkley Heights


South Plainfield





New Providence


West Field

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