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Building a deck with Re-Imagine Landscape, LLC.

Step 1. 
Workspace review.


Step 2.
Generate a vision.

(For this specific property, the homeowners were concerned with preventing animals from going under the deck.) 

Step 3.
Create a building plan. 


Step 4.
(Removal of old deck & Installation of new footing.)

Step 5.
Installation of the frame 


Step 6.
Installation of floor railing.
(For this specific property, the homeowners were concerned with preventing animals from going under the deck. )

Step 7.
Installation of the lights.
(For this specific property, the homeowners were concerned with preventing animals from going under the deck.) 

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After signing off on the project, the installation takes anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending on how quickly the city official can stop by for inspections.

Actual time working on site
:  7-9 days.


Why Choose Re-Imagine Landscape, LLC?

Better Quality

There are many considerations for building a deck that you need to think about before you start the process. If you jump right in, you may not have a high-quality deck. 

However, when you use Re-Imagine Landscape to help you with your project, you are sure to have a high-quality deck. Our deck-building crew is experienced in deck building and knows what it takes to create a high-quality deck. 

They are sure to not only make it structurally sound and safe, but they also know how to make it look beautiful and luxurious. If you want a better-quality deck, it is best to stick with the pros. 

Faster Process

Not only do our deck builders provide better quality decks, but they can build them even faster! 

If you wanted to build your own deck, it would likely take you weeks to complete it on your own. However, Re-Imagine Landscape can finish your project in just a few days. 

All quotes are free and we will give you an estimated completion time and we will tell you how much you can expect to pay for your new deck!

Warranty Options

One of the biggest benefits of working with Re-Imagine Landscape is that our decks come with a warranty. For example, if you are experiencing any issues with your deck, you can have Re-Imagine Landscape come and fix the issues for free within a 3-year timeframe. Our warranty plan covers the structural stableness of the deck but does not cover weathering or damage caused by natural causes.


Design Options

Something that is important to consider when hiring a professional deck builder is their design options available! When you are paying to have a deck installed, you want it to be exactly how you envisioned it.  

Many deck builder services offer customized products that make it easy to build your dream deck. Rather than choosing from predesigned products, you can choose the features that will be included in your new deck.

If you don’t want to build a custom deck, we could show you some examples of our previous work so you can select something from our gallery.

Some design options to consider include what materials you want to use for your deck. We offer natural wood & composites. Each of these has different benefits, durability, colors, and more. 

Other design considerations include what color you want your deck to be, how you want it laid if you want a railing and more. 



When you choose a deck-building company that has plenty of experience, you will find that we know all of the tricks of the trade! Because building a deck is such a significant project, you don’t want to leave it up to people with no experience.

Not only could this affect how your deck looks, but it also may affect the safety of your deck. Depending on where you live, you may have different codes and requirements for building decks. Having an experienced deck professional will ensure that you stay up to code. 

It will also ensure that your deck is structurally sound and safe to stand on. This is especially important if your deck is high off the ground. Some of the codes that you need to research are how your deck is attached to your home, railing height, and more. 


Attention to Detail

One of the best advantages that come from hiring a professional deck builder for your project is that we give attention to the details of your deck. When you build your own deck, you may make small mistakes. While they may not affect the overall stability or look of your deck, small details make a difference on your deck.

If you hire Re-Imagine Landscape, we will make sure every detail works together to make your deck look professional and feel luxurious!


Hire a Professional Deck Builder Today!

Building a deck doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming process, especially if you choose to hire a professional deck builder. Because we have so much experience building decks for other clients, we can make your dream deck a reality. 


We know building a deck can be a huge expense but that should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. We have partnered with Acorn to be able to offer financing options so you can have your dream yard today!

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